“How to Speak Your Own Cloak” Pre-Order

i know you guys think all we do around here is make tee shirts and smoke weed, but really we make a ton of music too (and smoke weed)! i brought Erick “Progeny” Frias up here from Tejas to work more directly with him, and the first thing he did was stay up drinking for a month making this dope album with Barfly (of Oldominion if you don’t already know)…we’re pleased to be curating this album thru Concuss MUSIC, and are excited to bring you this presale package for the Big Kids Run album “How to Speak Your Own Cloak” on limited yellow vinyl.

While the album itself doesn’t ship for another month or so, you can get a download of the album today as part of the $60 pre-sale package. This pre-sale package also includes an exclusive Big Kids Run t-shirt (please specify size), a unique journal and pen set-which you will definitely want for writing to the exclusive instrumental version of the album. As part of the pre-sale package, you will receive a link to the instrumental album printed on a download card, just one card in the deck of exclusive Lotteria Cards included in the package. Finally, you will receive the full length album on beautiful 180g yellow vinyl, along with lyric sheet. Packages ship in September. Pre-sale will remain active until shipping, after which, remaining packages will be made available at $80 each.





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