Seattle Suicide Riots : unknown leisures


In 2006 and ’07, Hyena (Darren Balcusmo)of oldominion and Rob Castro of Grayskul released their debut album “Deadstock Sessions” which consisted of dark rap infused with gloomy, angry,  melancholy beats. The duo continued with this theme on their 2nd offering, “The Rush Before You Die”, released in 2009.  After taking another run at the brick wall, it became clear these bois enjoyed screaming into the void.  Originally printed in 2009, this tee shirt continues that obsession, and is an obvious tribute to the roots of gothic music. The design, a literal flip on the Joy Division album art from the “Unknown Pleasures” LP. They make no apology for this being directly ripped from a band who influenced them so deeply. Printed with glow in the dark ink, this print is meant to be a slap in the face to the Hot Topic crowd who know nothing about the band depicted on the shirt they are wearing. Fly your goth flag loud and proud, preferably in the park…or the cemetery…after midnight…during a full moon. AWOOOOOO!