Alien Dreams Third Eye Bling Bundle


I feel truly blessed and psyched this project has finally had the chance to reach people and connect with talented collaborators blessed with confidence and skill. The album, made with various types of programs over the span of 12 years, has evolved through this time, giving it a vast array of sonically diverse music. In addition to these beats alone, I’m very lucky to have gathered together some of my favorite Seattle based artists. These emcees have seasoned this release and made it what it is by adding a whole new depth to these songs. I’m truly grateful at how much effort they put into our collaboration. This album is absolutely theirs as well as mine. Sending peace and love to every person who was able to make this album happen!

My love and gratitude to Jamal Revels, and Eddy Judice, my two brothers who are gone too soon.

Rest in Peace, friends. – ThirdEyeBling

this 22 track album features all Third Eye Bling production, and some of seattle’s best local talent.

Custom cover art by @freedom lee drudge and lime green cassette.

Includes freedown load card