Well hello faithful cvltists.

It’s me the supposed one, your extreme leader! I just wanted to drop y’all a line and let you know that I/we have been thinking about you/you a lot these days. Our summer goal was to minister the Concuss ethos to the masses, and so far this one has been spent out in the streets!

We had a great time at the Othello Block Party (thank you to Julie-C for including us at this very cool inaugural community event), and have really been enjoying our time spent @ First Thursday in Pioneer Square w/ the indelible Stay Happy Collective at Stay Happy Central. As well, our first monthly Pop-Up at the Clock-Out Lounge was a success (our next one is AUG 26th) and we’re going to build on all of them, bringing more to the table each time out. So when you see Concuss in the city, know that we’ll always have new exclusive tees for all shapes and sizes, new merch, new videos, and new projects to share with you.

Upcoming shows for Concuss and familia: This Sunday the 26th we have another edition of our monthly at the Clock-Out Lounge with Mariko Ruhle of Temple Canyon and Kelly Castle Scott headlining the bill; Looking forward to kicking it with IFTHEN and SPHYRAMID on the beats between acts, and hopefully getting some more local cats to hang out. Part of our monthly show at the Clock-Out Lounge includes local vinyl heads rolling thru to sell records. Excited to have Spin Cycle Records (up on Broadway, Capitol Hll) curating the Record Swap this month. (Look for your favorite local vinyl vendor at upcoming shows). After a one-month layoff, we’re back at Stay Happy Central (@ the Central Saloon) for First Thursdays SEPT 6th Also, we are collaborating with Blue Cone Studios on Second Thursdays for the Capitol Hill Art Walk. Concvltist thad wenatchee will be selling Concuss tees for men and womxn while he spins rare jazz and beats. Roll thru Blue Cone and say “Hello!”

Besides the shows, Concuss has been putting out new music! We just got a bunch of cassettes of Leather Tuscadero. Hit the website to stream and to get your own copy! This project was recorded in one day at my studio while Evolve and Progeny were visiting from Texas. Features Barfly and Evolve on raps, Progeny on beats and backing vocals, me on bass and backing vocals, and Keith “Lord Nock” Naccarato on the scratches. As well, Big Kids Run, a collaboration between Barfly and Progeny, has available a Vinyl Pre-Order package with all kinds of dope goodies. Hit the website for more details. We also have the 2nd installment of the Concvlt Subscription/music/zine coming very soon! We are just waiting on the tapes and then we will be ready to mail them out to you. If you are not a Concus Subscriber, hit our website or our bandcamp for more details.

Lastly don’t miss the crazy 15 Year Anniversary Sale we’ve been running cuz it ends at the end of AUGUST!! We’ve slashed prices on things that will be going away, as we plan to update our catalog very soon! Don’t miss out!

so until next time, keep growing your own food, reading your survival guide, and hoarding water!!

concuss loves you

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