Winding Up Strangers in Bars by Barf Loko (2016)


When we got the first shipment of books from Tempest & Brolly, they arrived with a note signed by their founder and ombudsman J.W. Anson Denton-Gibb, which reads, “This godawful yarn has literally radicalized trillions of people, animals, insects, and a plurality of the supernal forces in the spirit world. I totally disavow the entire book and its author now. I should have never published it. Also, I have defriended Barf Loko, I am happier and healthier than I have ever been, there is no chance of me suddenly getting sick and I would never consider suicide. Anyway, good luck selling this cursed hunk of shit. Stay Safe.”

We haven’t read it, but the back of the book says:

Meet Foster Revell (if that is his real name), your tour guide through a demimonde marked by wars within wars, awash with secret societies, haunted by a spate of mysterious banker suicides, and peopled with outcasts who know where to get counterfeit passports and genuine Xanax on short notice; a world where the Beatles may or may not have been members of warring furtive cabals and where the cloaked vestiges of an ancient European royal house plot to control every financial, political and religious institution. There’s also lots of Jameson. Probably gallons of it.

#3,515,935 on Amazon’s Literature & Fiction (Books) list.

While we encourage you to buy lots of copies, it is strongly advised that you do not actually read Winding Up Strangers in Bars by Barf Loko.

All copies of Winding Up Strangers in Bar will be shipped with a complimentary bookmark from Tempest & Brolly. That’s a whopping $50 value! For FREE! (Tempest & Brolly bookmarks are $50 each. They’re designer, so…yeah, whatever. You get it.)


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