Myka 9 – My Kaleidoscope Tee


Myka 9-the rapper’s rapper, with the largest vocabulary in Hip Hop history-is a trailblazer. Most known for his contributions with Freestyle Fellowship and Haiku d’Etat, Myka’s creative markings on rhythm and flow transcend the scale of talent. Thus, to honor the success of remarkable artistry, a fashionable public announcement is in order. This t-shirt is a collaboration between Concuss, Myka 9, and Parker Pubs to commemorate the publication of Myka 9’s first book. My Kaleidoscope features lyrics, photos, and a detailed oral history covering 1980s b-boy battles to the legendary Good Life and Project Blowed underground hip hop scenes. T-shirt design by @bloo.noot, photo by Brian “B+” Cross. It’s All Love