hERON Cassette


hERON (yeah, spell it just like that) is a long-distance, Seattle-slash-San Antonio collaboration between Progeny of Chisme/Ghost Palace (MPC, guitar, records) and Rob Castro of Grayskul/Chisme/Ghost Palace (bass). Instrumental trip-hop infused with a gloomy dreamlike melancholy, hERON’s cinematic sad bangers draw as much from psych rock, 70’s pop and Twin Peaks as they do from Seattle’s chief exports of hip hop and grunge. hERON’s 12-song debut release is available on tape, wax, and digital.

Tapes are limited to an edition of 100 and each copy includes a download code for a free digital copy of the album.

UPDATE 1/2021! We’ve released a second short run of only 40! When they’re gone, they’re really gone this time!


A Side:

  1. Chillmode
  2. Flipout
  3. Holding On
  4. Evilfortress
  5. It’s Too Late
  6. Kissed Dreams


B Side:

  1. One Day It All Ends
  2. Melt Away
  3. Oh
  4. Vagabond
  5. Heron
  6. Holding Each Other