Floods “Tentacles of Abraxas” CD (2016)


This album is the companion piece, meant to stand alongside the Barf Loko novel Winding Up Strangers in Bars. This heady, poetic slow ride comes in at 14 tracks spanning just over 52 minutes and features the artist taking on every duty himself, from songwriting, to instrumentation, to engineering, to vocals, lyrics, and mixing as well as handling the album art. The music itself is somewhat eclectic, ranging from proggy, reverb-drenched trip-hop to synthpop, and occasionally veering into stoner rock-like motifs that somehow fit seamlessly.


We are proud to report that in its 6 years of release, there have been zero reports of psychological trauma associated with listening to this album. We also have the artist’s guarantee that there are no back-masked messages or subliminal suggestions hidden among the album’s tracks. So there’s that, too! Totes safe! Buy 19!

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