Adapting to Changes Third Eye Bling Cassette


 When Castro asked me to do an album for Concuss, I was at a point where I felt I could go all in for the project, which is what it deserved because I have the uttermost respect for him and his company/label. He’s always shown nothing but love, and giving me a way to put an album out with him is the perfect example of his friendship. It’s my absolute pleasure to give him some pieces of music I’ve been working on. For how melancholy I’ve been with life, I tried to land some humor over a lot of the tracks for the album. I didn’t want it to be a sad orchestration, so instead, I created beats sprinkled here and there with clips of audio that I hope add the humorous touch I was looking for.


 Humor has been a tool for adaptation and has helped me in times of hardship. This is partially why I named this album “Adapting to Changes” because I’m bringing that humor to my music that I also bring into my life to deal with the metaphorical punches.
I also blessed this album with a track from the one and only Revels himself, which is more of a serious track that reflects the deep thinker I always knew him to be. While he may have had the best off-the-top freestyles I’ve ever heard in situations (and even some recordings), he was also an amazing writer and one of the smartest most creative individuals I have ever known. This album is dedicated to Jamal “Revels” Vanderbrug and all the people in my life who have pushed me to become a better person. I have met quite a percentage of my friends due to the music scene, and have sealed some strong bonds with people as well. Everyone in hip-hop in general in Seattle has pushed me to become a better artist. I’m always “Adapting to Changes” and trying to be a better producer  (as well as an emcee at times) to prove myself worthy of the love and support this community has given me.

Love to everybody.


Peace – Third Eye Bling




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SHIPS JAN 15 2023