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UnIndian II is written and vocalized by Anticon co-founder Pedestrian, but the voices and sounds of friends; Jel, Odd Nosdam, Sole, Josiah Wolf, Walter Gross, Bomarr, Telephone Jim Jesus, Robert Werner, and Paperbark are its pulse.

It’s compass includes a consideration of the meaning of songmaking (“Anything“), what it’s like waking up in Oakland the morning after witnessing state murder at neighboring San Quentin (“Volume of the Seven Seas“), an alternative history of Dre and Snoop’s “Lil Ghetto Boy,” (“Oakland Hosannah“), post-Katrina police violence and disaster capitalism (“Resurrecting Morning“), and field recording ballads and meditations, lit up by modular synths, on hook-ups and other kinds of fugitive affections (“Songs Not Songs“).

This is other than, yet quintessentially, a hip-hop album, and one determinedly in dialogue with the dead. Its accompanying chapbook includes new and revised lyrics, a cycle of poems entitled,”A Saint’s Day Stand at the Oakland Swap Meet,”and an elegy, “Tomorrow is in the Bones (for Brendan Whitney).”

This album is available on clear, 180g 12″ vinyl for the first time ever and includes a lyric book with additional poetry and a digital download card. Pre-order your copy now to ensure you get a copy before they go out of print!


Ships Next Monday, February 18th

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