Healthy Cooking with Rob Castro

As some of you may know, I had a stroke last year and ended up in the hospital. It was quite the wake up call and forced me to do a complete lifestyle overhaul. I’m doing much better now, and am actively watching my blood pressure. I take the medications, have begun a cardio exercise program, and I watch my salt intake. Since salt is in pretty much everything as a preservative, I’ve had to begin cooking all my meals from scratch. I make my own salsas and sauces, and recently dove into making stock; it’s pretty simple and super cheap to make if you’re into the DIY aesthetic and want to make your own for pho or chicken soup, or even leave out the chicken and go veggie. Whatever your pleasure is, the point is, eat healthy. Cut out salt where you can, reduce the fast food and pizza. Comfort food can also be healthy food—Dr.’s orders. I’ve lost 30 lbs since i quit eating such an American diet and I feel great. Take it from me, homies, don’t wait until you’ve landed yourself in the hospital, or worse, to make healthy changes in your life. A little extra work in the kitchen is well worth it…plus I make a pretty darn good bowl of pho.

– Rob Castro
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