CVLT FOOD: Every day is like Tuesday

So here are three quick and easy recipes with a little bit of health consciousness included. As you may know, part of my recovery from stroke was to change my diet dramatically; no more store bought sauces and pre-made foods, bread, cheeses, etc. It was a lot to take on, but through my love of cooking, I’ve found ways to make delicious meals with little or no salt added as well as stay away from high cholesterol and saturated fats.

That being said, I cook from the heart more than from a recipe and a lot of times I grab a recipe off the internet as a basic guideline and kinda just party with it in the kitchen. It’s about having fun and eating well at the same time. I encourage you to take the basics I show you and adjust to your taste. I’ve spent years as a DIY artist, so cost is also important; you get a lot of bang for your buck if you shop well and cook instead of eating out, and you are def more in control of what goes in your body.

Next episode I’m going to show you some simple Indian dishes, some masalas and basmati rice

– Castro

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