Chris Conde on Radio Concuss

Radio Concuss is proud to present Chris Conde.

Since 2010, multi-instrumentalist, producer and vocalist Chris Conde has been actively playing shows across the United States. He has been featured at major music events and festivals like Maverick Music Festival in San Antonio, G.I.A.N.T. Fest in Brooklyn, Blow Pony in Portland and Stargayzer in Austin.

Conde’s work in the LGBTQ community has led him to start an all-LGBTQ performance showcase called Queers & Beers in 2015, which features performers from multiple genres of music. He also founded the very first LGBTQ music radio show in San Antonio called Queer Vibes on KRTU 91.7 FM the following year, which still runs from 11pm-Midnight every Sunday and features local, national and international music from the LGBTQ community.

On December, 6 2019 Fake Four Inc. Released Conde Digital a five song EP produced entirely by Moodie Black, which is available via Fake Four’s Bandcamp page as well as all streaming sites including Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, etc.

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