September '17: Adam One


Seattle-based, Detroit-made artist Adam One draws inspiration from the big mysterious of life, the universe, and everything; he engages with some of humanity’s headiest questions, touching on matters of occultism, philosophy and science, naturally informed by a hiphop perspective.

As Concuss’ artist of the month this September, Adam One has created this exclusive ‘Quintessence’ design that appropriately draws inspiration from concussion (get it? Concuss? Stay with us here), the skull, and the mind’s inner workings. It goes without saying that this one is right up our alley, but we’re gonna say it anyway. An explanation of the design’s loaded imagery straight from the artist himself:

“The brain is illustrated as a bismuth crystal, an element that never decays. This suggests the immortal nature of our minds and invites the viewer to connect with the idea that while bodies may fall with the earth, our true being never decays. Surrounding the skull are all of the planetary bodies of our Solar System, those magnetic forces said to influence our journeys by pushing impressions upon us to act or move in archetypal manners. Finally, for all those living life, the lotus flower was included as a symbol of enlightenment but enlightenment through communion with the flower of cannabis.”