Printing Services


Rob Castro has been printing since 2006. The first designs were conceptualized in 2003 and production began with a small one-color press. Eventually Rob upgraded to a 4-color Ryonet press and a flash dryer he got from friends at a tattoo shop. Learning from the advice of friends, and his own passion to print quality shirts, Rob built a professional shop from a DIY setup. In April of 2012, he purchased the Riley Hopkins 6-color press... and it changed his life. Upgrading to a conveyor dryer, the combination has taken the Concuss Creations game to the next level.

Concuss has printed shirts for Dark Time Sunshine, Grayskul, Graves 33, Rob Sonic, Oldominion, Mr. Hill, WD4D, TAD, Myka 9/Factor, IAME, Silent Lambs Project, Black Stax, Slow Dance, Larue, Dan Manno, Graves, Onry Ozzborn, Sport'nLife, ASIS Apparel... and many, many others. And, of course, we print all the Concuss brand designs.

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Submission guidelines for your designs:
Please submit the highest resolution art you can, with a minimum of 300 DPI (dots per inch). 72 DPI, the web standard, is too low. Please note; Make your design the size you will be printing it, at a high resolution. Magnifying, or 'blowing up' a smaller image does not give the best results.

Please submit your design art in one of the following formats:
.PDF (Portable Document Format)
.AI (Adobe Illustrator)
.PSD (Adobe Photoshop)
.TIF (Tagged Image Format)
.JPEG or .JPG (Joint Photographic Expert Group)

Please submit .PSD, .TIF, and .PDF files as flattened images at print size. For .AI, please keep layers. If you submit .JPG/.JPEG, please make sure it is a high resolution file.

We will do color separations in-house. Colors are matched from the file unless otherwise specified.