Ghost Palace "Road To Nowhere (Still Running)" LP

SKU: GP002

Limited Edition 12" LP on Red Vinyl.

Side A

1. Time

2. Black Widow

3. King Fiend

4. Misanthrope

5. Scorned (Then You Die)

6. Love Kills

7. Save Yourself

Side B

8. Genes

9. I'm All In

10. Massacre (Feat. Onry Ozzborn)

11. Piggy (Feat. DJ Centrifik)

12. Tales of the (Feat. Graves 33 & Barfly)

13. Vampires

Ghost Palace is:

Sergio "Evolve" Hernandez- Vocals 

Erick "Progeny" Frias- Beats/Production

Rob "King" Castro- Bass 

Produced by Erick"Progeny" Frias

Recorded & Mixed by Progeny & Daddy J Fez

Audio Mastering by John J Harper of Harper Disc Masters

Cover Illustration by Manuel "Raid" Zamudio

Ghost palace Logo Design by Graves 33