Concuss Tee by Dax (Realtree Camo)


This design, via FFU’s Dax Edwards, has something for everybody—Illuminati pledges, Real Americans, cons on the run looking to blend in—which incidentally, this shirt can h

Price: $24.00

Spider Ribcage Black Hoodie


Ever seen the lungs of a lifelong smoker? Kid stuff. Ever seen the ribcage of a fullgrown demon made of your worst nightmares? Now that’s some scary shit. Gorgeous 3-color print, design by Jessamyn Patterson for Concuss on 9 oz. cotton pullover hoodie.    

Price: $35.00

Alphabet and Number Buttons designed by Barfly


Custom Concuss alphanumeric buttons designed by our homie Barfly... 26 letters and 10 numbers plus an "@", a "#", and 11 duplicate letters... that's 48 1" buttons... 10 bucks... it takes 2 sets to spell OLDOMINION... 

Price: $10.00

Beacon Hill


Beacon Hill, one of Seattle’s fabled Seven Hills, home of Concuss, as immortalized in the Nightclubber Lang and Surge Spittable classic “Beacon Hill”. Rep the Hill that's Real the right way. See you at The Station (for your shift).

Price: $15.00