Specs Wizard: Featured Artist November 2017


To call SPECSONE a triple threat would be a disservice—you’d be missing a couple threats at

Price: $17.50

Radio Concuss Zip Up Hoodie


Support the NW’s own Concuss brand with this hooded zip up. Radio Concuss logos in white ink on a black zip up hoodie. Amenable to dirt, grease and blood. Help us support local music and promote Radio Concuss!

Price: $30.00

Concuss Club Windbreaker


Yeah, yeah, we know that it’s summer and 100 degrees right now. But tell me, you ever get so drunk on sun and good times that you think it’s a cool idea to swill beer by the lake til 1AM in nothing but wet trunks and a tank top? Man, did you even bring a towel?

Price: $35.00

Positronic Brain


The “Positronic Brain is a time-honored science fiction trope dating back to Isaac Asimov, with

Price: $21.00

Rick Klu: Featured Artist October 2017

Rick Klu is an underground artist, living, of all places, six feet above ground.

Price: $25.00



hERON (yeah, spell it just like that) is a long-distance, Seattle-slash-San Antonio

Price: $20.00

hERON Cassette


hERON (yeah, spell it just like that) is a long-distance, Seattle-slash-San Antonio collaboration between Progen

Price: $10.00

Mad Mysterious Grab Bag Tees


Introducing the Mad Mysterious Concuss Grab Bag! Each order will receive a random shirt of our choice.

Price: $10.00

Adam One: Featured Artist September 2017


Seattle-based, Detroit-made artist Adam One draws inspiration from the big mysterious of life, the universe, and everyth

Price: $25.00

Awol One: Featured Artist August 2017


East Los-bred AWOL ONE is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer known around the world as an alum of both the Shapeshifters & CBS crews, setting the bar for indie prolificness with a track record as stacked as Angelyne and the Capitol Records building.

Price: $25.00

Rob Castro: Featured Artist July 2017


 July’s featured artist is none other than Concuss’ esteemed founder Rob Castro.

Price: $25.00

DumpLaRock: Featured Artist June 2017


As a brand new month commences and the possibility of global collapse looms larger than ever, Concuss proudly presents it’s Featured Artist for this, the month of June, in the year of our lord 2017.

Price: $25.00